Making a Travel Insurance Claim for Medical Treatment

If you receive medical treatment abroad, and you have a travel insurance policy with, you can contact us to make a claim for the fees that you have incurred.

It is important to familiarise yourself with this information before you travel as there are certain things to bear in mind while you are away.

To ensure your claim is successful you may need to provide documentation or receipts.

How to claim for medical treatment with

  • Your policy does not provide any cover for private treatment where there are adequate state facilities available, unless these costs are authorised by our assistance team in advance.
  • For outpatient claims under £500, pay the doctor or hospital and claim the money back on your return to the UK.
  • Hang on to any receipts that the doctor or pharmacist gives you as you will need them to prove that you have received medical treatment abroad
  • If you are admitted to hospital, call the 24 hour emergency assistance line on the number provided in your policy documentation. Ask the hospital for a letter as proof that you were admitted to hospital and make sure they date it clearly
  • If you have used a reciprocal healthcare agreement such as Medicare (in Australia) to cover some of the cost of your medical treatment, will waive the excess on your claim if it results in a reduction in the medical bills we have to pay.  
  • You'l need to provide evidence of your travel dates, such as a flight ticket or confirmation email of your booking. This will prove that you received medical treatment during your holiday and that you have not exceeded the length of your stay outlined on your policy
  • You may be asked to produce proof of your medical history, depending on the type of medical treatment you have received
  • If you are in an accident involving a third party that results in medical treatment, make sure you get their details, especially if they caused the accident. If you are in a car accident, photograph the evidence yourself as it can support your claim
  • When sending documents in support of your claim, send the original documents - photocopies will not be accepted
  • Do not surrender your passport to any health provider, or sign any documentation committing to costs without first contacting our emergency assistance team.

This summary is meant to be a general guide to assist you. The full terms, conditions and exclusions are set out in our Policy Wording which represents the contract between you and the insurers.