Making a Travel Insurance Claim for Cancellation

If you've booked a holiday and you need to cancel it due to unforeseen circumstances, you may be able to make a claim on your travel insurance policy with

Holiday Cancellation - What am I covered for?

The cancellation section of the policy covers you if you have to cancel your holiday or trip for various specific reasons. You can claim reimbursement for money paid for travel and accommodation you lost by cancelling. You are also covered for money you're contracted to pay in the future e.g. you may have paid a deposit on a holiday and are due to pay the balance before you go. Usually the operator will require you to pay a percentage, or all, of that balance if you cancel. The policy covers these cancellation charges on the date of the diagnosis of the condition(s) that causes the claim.

When can I make a claim for cancellation?

You can make a claim for cancellation of your holiday under the following circumstances:

  • Ill health- if you or a member of your party falls ill or has an accident and is unable to travel
  • A close relative in UK dies or falls seriously ill
  • A close business associate dies or falls seriously ill
  • Jury service or witness summons
  • Redundancy
  • Your house or place of business being burgled or rendered uninhabitable within 2 weeks before you're due to go (e.g. by flooding or fire)
  • You or a travelling companion losing their passport within a week before you are due to go
  • You are in the armed forces or emergency services or civil service and are ordered by your commanding officer or boss to return to work

What documentation do I need to back up my claim

In the case of illness including that of a non-travelling relative, you need a medical certificate, for covid related claims you will need medical evidence, either the registered results of a positive PCR test or a medical certificate from your doctor. If you cancel for other reasons, what you need to provide varies according to the cause. Please read the policy for full details.

This summary is meant to be a general guide to assist you. The full terms, conditions and exclusions are set out in our Policy Wording which represents the contract between you and the insurers.