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Travel insurance over 60

Travel cover with no age limits

Goodtogoinsurance.com offers excellent value over 60 travel insurance specifically designed for older travellers and holidaymakers. With our policies, there are no age limits, ensuring comprehensive coverage regardless of your age. We understand the unique needs of older travellers, especially those with pre-existing medical conditions.

Our specialised single trip and annual travel insurance policies provide peace of mind, covering a wide range of medical conditions. Whether you're dealing with diabetes, heart conditions, or any other ailment, our policies are tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Don't let age or medical conditions hinder your travel plans. Choose Goodtogoinsurance.com for reliable and affordable coverage, allowing you to explore the world with confidence and security, no matter your age or health status. With our over 60 insurance travel worry-free. Get a quote today for Good to Go dedicated insurance, crafted for travellers aged 60 and above.

  • No age limits on single trip policies
  • Single trip travel insurance over 60
  • Annual travel insurance over 60
  • Cover for single trips up to 92 days
  • Pre existing medical conditions can be covered
  • Three levels of over 60 travel insurance to choose from

over 60 insurance travel

Since 2010 we have insured over 700,000 travellers who may have had difficulty finding travel insurance cover elsewhere due to their age or medical conditions, enabling them to take the holiday they wanted with the peace of mind that they are fully covered.

Single trip travel insurance over 60

Our single trip travel insurance is designed to provide cover for a specific trip or holiday up to 94 days. So whether you're planning a weekend away or a longer escape from the UK winter we can provide travel insurance cover for your trip, safe in the knowledge that being over 60 will not stop you getting excellent travel insurance.

Annual travel insurance over 60

Our annual travel insurance has no age limits and can cover an unlimited number of trips in one year, each trip must be a maximum of 31 days.

The fact that you are over 60 shouldn't stop you travelling, that's where goodtogoinsurance.com can help by providing single trip travel insurance with no age limits - we can also cover any pre existing medical conditions.

Covering a medical condition with over 60 travel insurance

When you travel over 60 you may be more likely to need travel insurance cover for a pre existing medical condition, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. It is important that you buy travel insurance which provides appropriate cover for these.

Goodtogoinsurance.com provides travel insurance to people who are over 60 travelling with all sorts of medical conditions from asthma through to heart disease, cancer and mental health conditions. We can also cover your travelling companions on the same policy.

  • Cover for pre existing medical conditions
  • Up to a high level of severity and sometimes even a terminal prognosis
  • We can cover most cases of Cancer, Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Stroke, Epilepsy and many more
  • In most cases cover can be provided to those still undergoing treatment e.g. chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Cover for mental health conditions

When you get a quote for over 60 travel insurance we will ask you a series of simple questions about your medical condition which will enable us to provide you with appropriate cover for your holiday - It's very easy and will only take a few minutes.

More information on travelling with medical conditions

Travel insurance over 60 - Cover and benefits

Our policies provide the following benefits and much more:

  • 24 hour medical emergency support
  • Emergency medical expenses up to £10 million (including medical repatriation to the UK)
  • Loss of medication up to £300
  • Cancellation cover up to £5,000 (platinum policies)
  • Personal property up to £3,000 (platinum policies)
  • Three levels of travel insurance cover available
  • Covid Cover as standard

Please read the policy wording and product information document for full details of our travel insurance for over 60s. You can access the latest version when you get a quotation.


As with all travel insurance you get the most benefit from the policy by purchasing as soon as you know you are going to travel. This means you get travel insurance cover for unexpected events, such as industrial action and strikes (providing they've not already been announced when you buy). Over 60's travel insurance doesn't have to be difficult, goodtogoinsurance.com can help.

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* Flexible cover. Trip changes? We'll change your single trip policy to match. The new dates must be within 12 months of the original issue date. If the new trip is for a longer period or to a different destination there may be an additional premium due to increased risk.