Travel Insurance and Medical Costs Abroad: The Facts

Ever wondered how much it would cost if you became ill on holiday and weren't insured?

Probably more than you think. Our data from travel insurance medical claims over the last year illustrates how much medical treatment can cost in different countries and for different medical conditions.

If you are thinking about taking the risk of travelling without insurance, or not getting cover for your existing medical conditions, think again.

Travel insurance with cover for medical conditions specialises in providing travel insurance cover for all types of medical conditions. Plus, we have no age limits on our single trip or annual policies

Travel Insurance & Medical Treatment Abroad: The Facts (2013)

Travel insurance is vital to protect you against the risk of incurring large medical bills if you become ill or have an accident and need medical treatment whilst you are away.

10 Brits hospitalised abroad everyday

£2,268 - Average cost of claim for medical treatment abroad

£148,341 - Largest claim for medical treatment (for treatment of abdominal pains in Canada)

Medical & Repatriation cover is the most important part of travel insurance because the potential cost of medical treatment abroad can be many thousands of pounds.

53% of the number of travel insurance claims are for medical treatment

78% of the value of travel insurance claims are for medical treatment

5% of medical claims are over £10,000

23% of medical claims are over £1000

Why is travel insurance for some countries more expensive than others?

£7,594 - Average cost of medical claim in USA

£1,721 - Average cost of medical claim in Spain

£817 - Average cost of medical claim in France

£818 - Average cost of medical claim in Australia

What do different medical problems cost to treat?
Average cost of medical claim by medical condition

Heart Attack - £11,372
Heart Problem in USA - £24,536
Stroke - £22,690
Back Problem - £4,107
Asthma - £708
Epilepsy - £3,318
Insect Bite Or Sting - £2,189
Respiratory/Breathing Problems - £1,341
Diabetes - £1,011
Pregnancy Related Treatment - £5,689
Arthritis - £1,592
High Blood Pressure - £1,640

Cancellation due to illness

If you become ill and are unable to travel you may need to make a claim for cancellation so that you don't lose the money you paid for your holiday.

£1019 - Average Cancellation Claim

63% - Cancellation claims due to illness or injury

Source of data:
Travel insurance claims data from Ancile Insurance Group Limited September 2012 to June 2013.
Foreign & Commonwealth Office British Behaviour Abroad Report 2012-2013