Visiting Friends and Family Abroad

Visiting friends and family abroad can be like going to a second home, but you still have to treat your trip abroad like any other.

If you used to live in the country you are visiting, you might get a little slack with your travel preparations.

Even if you've been to the country many times before, you should still set aside time to prepare. Visiting a home from home abroad should be treated like any other holiday overseas. Make sure you get travel insurance - without it you might be landed with a hefty bill in an emergency.

If have dual nationality, the British government will only be able to help you in certain situations, and it could even affect your travel insurance.

What you need to remember when visiting friends and family abroad:

  • Get comprehensive travel insurance and find out if your cover is affected if you are a dual national - can cover travellers of all ages, even those with pre existing medical conditions
  • Check that your passport is still valid. In some countries it needs to be valid for six months when you travel
  • Take a copy of your passport and travel documents with you
  • If you have dual nationality, there might be benefits to travelling on one of your passports, but not the other
  • Visit your doctor to ask about vaccinations. If you've been visiting a country for years, it might be that some of your vaccinations need to be renewed
  • If you're visiting a country that is prone to malaria, take antimalarials. If you've lived there before, it doesn't make you immune to the disease
  • Visit the FCO's Travel Advice by Country page - the situation in the country may have changed since the last time you were there
  • When you visit friends and family, you might want to take presents or bring souvenirs home with you. Find out what you are allowed to take with you and what you can bring back to the UK. Meat and dairy products can't be brought back into the UK
  • If you need a visa for the country you are travelling to, don't be tempted to overstay it as you could be given a hefty fine

Remember that visiting friend and family abroad should be treated like any overseas trip.