Additional Waiting List Cover

Cover for cancellation and curtailment

Our optional Waiting List Cover provides additional cancellation and curtailment cover if you are on a waiting list for treatment or investigation for a diagnosed condition.

This means that if you receive an appointment for the awaited treatment which causes you to cancel or cut short your trip, or you are unable to travel due to the treatment, we would provide cover for the cancellation or curtailment costs up to the amount detailed in your schedule of cover.

This option is available to add to our Gold and Platinum single trip policies.

Please Note: You will need to ensure you buy cover for everyone on the policy who may need to cancel if you were called for treatment, not just the person who is awaiting treatment.

What’s included as standard? (without waiting list cover)

All of our policies can provide cover for you to travel when you are on a waiting list for treatment or investigation.

Awaiting treatment or investigation does not affect cover whilst you are away for medical conditions which you have declared to us, however our policy will NOT provide cover for cancellation and curtailment under the following circumstances, unless you add our Waiting List Cover Option.

  • you receive an appointment for treatment or investigation which conflicts with your planned trip
  • as a result of the awaited treatment or investigation you become unable to travel on your planned trip.