World Cancer Day: Travel insurance to cover cancer

Added 04/02/2013

cancer travel insurance

On World Cancer Day we’re talking about how to get the right travel insurance if you are recovering from cancer and sharing our tips for keeping the cost down.

World Cancer Day is organised by the Union for International Cancer Control, it takes place every year on 4th February to provide a singular initiative under which the entire world can unite together in the fight against cancer.

World Cancer Day 2013 will focus on dispelling the myths and misconceptions about cancer.

Myth number 3 which World Cancer Day is aiming to dispel is the myth that cancer is a death sentence to those who are diagnosed with it. This is no longer true. Today, many cancers that were once considered a death sentence can now be cured and for many more people, their cancer can be treated effectively.

Cancer travel insurance

As early diagnosis and new treatments improve the prognosis for cancer patients, the availability of travel insurance which will cover cancer is becoming more important.

Many standard travel insurance policies will exclude pre-existing medical conditions such as cancer leaving cancer survivors searching around for an alternative to enable them to enjoy a holiday abroad.

In recent years searching for cancer travel insurance has become easier as more specialist providers, such as, have entered the travel insurance market. can cover all types of medical conditions up to a high level of severity, including cancer.

To make sure that your cancer is covered by your travel insurance you must declare it when you purchase a policy. Simply declare the type of cancer and then answer a short series of multiple choice questions; it will only take a few minutes.

Cancer travel insurance: Keeping the cost of down

The cost of cancer travel insurance depends on the severity of your cancer, whether the cancer has been completely eradicated, how long ago you were diagnosed and whether the cancer has spread.

The other major factors affecting the price of travel insurance are the country you are travelling to and the duration of your trip.

If you are concerned about the cost of cancer travel insurance you can keep the price lower by thinking carefully about the country you travel to: Some countries are considerably more expensive for travel insurance cover than others.

For example the USA, Canada and the Caribbean are generally the most expensive destinations as far as cancer travel insurance is concerned. This is due to the cost of emergency medical treatment in these countries.

It can pay to do some research into travel insurance prices before you make the final decision on where to go for your holiday.If you’re dreaming of lying on a beautiful white sandy beach, your travel insurance could be much cheaper if you choose the Maldives rather than the Caribbean.

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