Why not enjoy a holiday in September this summer?

Added 13/07/2010

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The British summer has so far been a bit of a surprise —we’ve had more hot days than you can count on both hands. If you haven’t booked your holiday abroad yet, then you might what to consider taking a holiday in September so that you don’t miss out on the hot sunny days in the UK.

Going on holiday in September has many plus points. In some popular holiday destinations the weather is a bit cooler, while in others it’s still pleasantly warm. And with all the children back at school, your holiday in September could be blissfully peaceful. Sun loungers will be more readily available and queues for tourist destinations will be shorter. You might even get a free upgrade if the hotel you’re staying in isn’t full.

Popular destinations such as Egypt or Turkey can be unbearably hot in the height of summer — the temperature often soars above 40°C. By September, the weather starts to drop but it’s still hot enough for sun lovers.

A holiday in September is great for travellers who are on a tight budget. With the kids back at school, holiday costs and flight prices drop dramatically. For example, a Saturday flight to a destination like Egypt or Turkey with easyJet is sometimes half the price in September than it is in August.

Booking a holiday in September will also make it seem like you’ve got more time to look forward to it. Holidays in June will have similar perks, but they are often booked at the last minute when summer is just beginning. If your holiday is in September, you can enjoy the British summer before jetting off abroad.

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