Travelling after Brexit: What You Need To Know

Added 01/11/2019

There is no need to delay a holiday due to Brexit, even in the event of a no deal, the UK Government and European Union have made assurances that UK holidaymakers will still be able travel to and from the EU.

If you are concerned about possible disruption, ABTA, The Travel Association, has advised that the best way to protect your holiday is to book a package from a UK travel company.  In that situation it is the travel company’s obligation to provide you with the holiday and to offer an alternative or full refund if it cannot be delivered.

Travel Insurance

We’d like to reassure you that any travel insurance policy you buy now, for travel after Brexit, will be valid, whether the UK leaves the EU with a deal or not. 

Any policy issued for travel post-Brexit will remain in place and cover will continue as per the contract at the time of sale.

If the UK does leave the EU without a deal, and the European Health Insurance Card is no longer valid, having the correct travel insurance will be more important than ever to ensure that you get any emergency medical treatment you need without incurring large bills.

Holiday & Travel Arrangements

Europe is the number 1 holiday destination for UK travellers, so it is natural that people have questions about how Brexit could affect their holiday plans.

ABTA have published some information about Brexit which you may find useful.  In summary:

Travelling Before 31 January 2020

The UK is still a member of the EU, therefore all existing travel arrangements remain the same.

Travelling After 31 January 2020

If a deal is agreed before this date, we will have a transition period, which means everything will remain the same as it is now for a defined period of time.

If we leave the EU without a deal, the UK Government and the EU Commission have made assurances that UK holidaymakers will still be able to travel, as there is either contingency legislation in place or the travel services are covered by international law.

However, if we do leave the EU without a deal there may be some changes that you should be aware of and prepare for, including;

  • Passports validity: You may need to have 6 months left on your passport in order to travel
  • Driving abroad: You may need to obtain an international driver’s permit
  • European Health Insurance Card: This may no longer be valid

ABTA’s full advice on travelling after Brexit  

Where to Find More Information

If you are planning a holiday in the EU after Brexit we recommend that you look at the latest information to help you prepare for your trip.

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