Travel Insurance for UK breaks: Here’s why you need it

Added 24/02/2021

Although many people are becoming optimistic about the prospects of a foreign holiday this summer, others have their sites set on a UK break.  

With the announcement on 22 February that UK self-catering breaks could be allowed from as early as 12 April, interest has surged. In fact, UK based holiday firms such as Hoesasons have reported record bookings.

Now, you may think if you are sticking to the UK for your holiday you don’t need insurance, but you’d be wrong; here are 4 good reasons to buy travel insurance for your holiday in the UK.

1.    Cancellation Cover

Protect your investment against the risk of cancellation due to illness and redundancy

As Martin Lewis says, you should buy travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked your holiday to get the maximum protection for cancellation, as you never know what’s around the corner.

Gold and Platinum policies from provide cover for cancellation up to £2000, or £5000 per person.  Our new Covid+ policies provide cover for cancellation if you, or anyone insured on the policy contract COVID-19 before you travel.

You can make a claim to recoup your holiday costs if you are forced to cancel your trip for the following reasons: (standard policies exclude anything related to COVID-19, Covid+ policies provide cover if you, or anyone insured on the policy, contract COVID-19 before you travel.)

Illness or injury
If you, a travelling companion, close relative or business associate in your home country, or the person that you are due to stay with is ill, injured or die before the trip starts.

If you or a travel companion are made redundant before the trip starts.
Your home becomes uninhabitable
If your private dwelling becomes uninhabitable following fire, storm or flood, or your presence is required following a burglary.

Requirements of HM Forces
If your or your travelling companion is unable to travel due to requirements of HM Forces.

Court appearance or jury service
You are required for jury service or as a witness in a court of law

2.    Personal Possessions

Cover for your baggage and possessions whilst you are away

Travel insurance can provide cover for personal possessions that may be lost, stolen or damaged whilst you are travelling away from home.

Gold and Platinum policies from provide cover for Personal Possessions up to £2000 or £3000 per person.

Please note:  Possessions are covered up to the value of the original purchase price, less an allowance for age and wear and tear.  A single article limit applies to single items, pairs or sets of items.  A valuable item limit, prescription glasses limit, and laptop limit also apply.

3.    Personal Liability Cover

Cover if you are legally liable for accidentally injuring someone or damaging property, including holiday rentals.

Gold and Platinum policies from provide personal liability cover up to £2 million per person.
You can make a claim to recoup an amount that you are legally liable to pay as a result of an incident caused directly or indirectly by you that results in the following:

  • Injury or illness of any person
  • Loss or damage to property
  • Loss or damage to holiday accommodation

Please note: This does not include third party motor liability.

4.    Medical & Repatriation

Ok, we admit that this section of the policy is not as important as it is when you are travelling abroad, given that your medical costs will be covered by the NHS, but it is still of benefit if you do become ill or have an accident whilst you are away from home.

All policies from include cover up to £1000 per person for additional travel, accommodation and repatriation costs after a medical emergency in the UK.

This can cover the additional costs for you or one other person staying with you or travelling with you where it is deemed medically necessary.