Summer Getaway? Pack your travel insurance

Added 26/07/2013

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Spain is the top destination for British holiday makers this summer with other Mediterranean resorts in Turkey, Tunisia and Greece also proving popular.

ABTA, The Travel Association predicts that 2 Million Brits will head abroad for their summer holiday this weekend, but have they packed their travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a vital part of any holiday or trip overseas because it protects you from the risk of incurring large medical bills if you fall ill or have an accident whilst you are away.

Without travel insurance you would be liable for your own medical bills, which can quickly amount to thousands of pounds if a stay in hospital is required.

Recent research by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) shows that last year as many as 24% of British holiday makers went away on holiday without travel insurance, putting themselves at risk of possible financial ruin if they were hospitalised abroad.

The research also showed that 48% of people surveyed didn’t realise that they’d be liable for their own medical bills if they needed medical treatment abroad and were uninsured.

The FCO advise holidaymakers to buy travel insurance every time they go abroad, they also highlight the importance of making sure that any medical conditions you have are fully covered.

Buying travel insurance without declaring your medical conditions could have the same result as not buying travel insurance at all - you could find that you are not covered when you come to make a claim.

Covering your medical conditions is easy with We can provide travel insurance cover for all types of medical conditions from high blood pressure and high cholesterol to diabetes, MS, cancer and heart conditions.

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