Strikes continue to affect people on holiday in Greece

Added 30/07/2010

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Truck drivers in Greece began a strike on 25 July, which has led to a country-wide shortage of fuel. Local car drivers are the worst affected by the strikes, but shortages could lead to public transport disruption, which might affect people on holiday in Greece. Tourists began cancelling their holidays in Greece the minute they learnt of the fuel shortages.

Over the past couple of months, strikes in Greece have led to airport closures, flight cancellations and disruption to train schedules. The continuous disruption to transport services has led to a decline in foreign visitors. The recent collapse of Goldtrail Travel, which specialised in package holidays to Greece, led to further holiday cancellations.

Truck drivers are set to be on strike for the foreseeable future and the Foreign Office is advising people to make sure they have a sufficient amount of fuel before they set off on a car journey. Anyone on holiday in Greece that has hired a car should ensure they don’t run out of fuel, and anyone who has just arrived in Greece for a holiday should perhaps reconsider hiring a car altogether.

Strikes by air traffic controllers are likely to continue throughout the summer. Anyone flying in or out of Greece is advised to check that their flight is still running before heading to the airport.

Demonstrations could also have an impact on tourists that are on holiday in Greece. Athens is the most likely place to be disrupted by demonstrations. Visitors are advised to steer clear of large public gatherings in case they turn violent. On Thursday, 500 people protested outside the transport ministry in Athens, which led to clashes with riot police.

If you plan to take a holiday in Greece this summer, check the Foreign Office website regularly for up to date information about planned strikes. You could also sign up to their LOCATE service. LOCATE holds details of your travel plans and it makes it easier for friends and family to contact you in an emergency.

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