Specialist medical travel insurance: About our cover

Added 09/11/2023

Specialist medical travel insurance

Goodtogoinsurance.com is dedicated to helping those with medical conditions get the travel insurance they need to enjoy a holiday abroad.  Our policies can cover all types of medical conditions and have no upper age limit.

Our travel insurance is specially tailored for those with existing medical conditions, and includes:

24-hour emergency medical assistance

If you are ill or injured abroad and require medical attention, call the 24/7 assistance team.  They are available by phone, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are there to help you get the treatment you need, guarantee payment to the treating hospital, and arrange any repatriation requirements. 

Emergency medical treatment abroad up to £10 million per person

Emergency medical treatment and repatriation costs are covered up to £10 million per person.  You must seek treatment in a public hospital unless authorised by the 24/7 assistance team to use a private facility.

Repatriation cover

Repatriation means bringing you back to the UK; either back to your home, or to a UK hospital for further treatment.

Repatriation can mean varying degrees of support and assistance for your return journey, as deemed medically necessary, including:

  • Arranging and paying for an alternative flight because you missed your pre-booked flight due to receiving medical treatment.
  • Organising more than one seat on a plane because you are required to keep your leg raised or lay flat.
  • Providing a stretcher if you are required to lay flat.
  • Providing a medical escort to monitor your condition throughout your journey.
  • Providing an air ambulance to get you back to a hospital in the UK.

Cover when on a waiting list 

Our policies can provide cover to people who are on a waiting list for treatment or surgery for a diagnosed condition, so long as that condition is declared and accepted on the policy.

Cover for emergency medical treatment and repatriation whilst abroad is unaffected by being on a waiting list under the above circumstances (unfortunately we cannot provide any cover if you have an undiagnosed condition).

The following cover is also available to those that choose our additional waiting list cover add-on for an additional premium:

  • Cancellation and curtailment cover should an appointment come up which conflicts with the planned holiday.   
  • Cancellation cover if you become too unwell to travel as a result of the awaited treatment.

Cover for mobility aids and prescription medication

We understand that our customers will most likely be taking medication abroad with them and may also need mobility aids, as such we make sure there are sections of the policy to cover those.

  • Mobility aids are covered for loss, theft or damage up to £2500 per person.
  • Prescription medication is covered up to £300 per person.

Cover for terminal conditions

In most cases, Goodtogoinsurance.com can cover people with a terminal diagnosis, so long as the as the prognosis is more than 6 months from the return date of the trip.  

Replacement carer

We will pay up to £1,000 for the costs of extra accommodation and transport to replace your original carer. In the event that your carer (providing they are insured on this policy) has to cancel their trip with you for an insured reason, and you wish to continue your trip.


Additional medical cover after undergoing surgery abroad.

In addition to covering the cost of emergency medical treatment and repatriation, if you have to undergo surgery abroad and stay in hospital for at least 5 days goodtogoinsurance.com policies will provide the following to help you with your recovery:

  • Cost of a recuperation holiday up to £750
  • Health examination when you return to the UK up to £500
  • Cost of employing a home help or nanny up to £500
  • Cosmetic surgery to correct damage caused by an accident on your trip up to £2,500
  • Kennel and Cattery fees up to £500

Get a travel insurance quote for your next holiday

Whether you've got a holiday booked already, or are simply interested to see what the costs might be, you can get a quote for travel insurance in minutes online, or by phone.  We start by taking your trip details (if you haven't got one booked, just think of where you'd like to go and how long for), then we'll ask you to declare your existing medical conditions to us. You'll need to answer a short series of multiple choice questions for each condition, in order to get a quotation.


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