Protect your phone, tablet & laptop on holiday: New Gadget Cover now available

Added 07/11/2013

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Smart phones, tablets and laptops aren’t cheap, so if you are taking them away on holiday with you, and let’s face it most of us will at least have a phone, it’s important to make sure you have insurance cover in place.

Think about it, if your gadgets were lost, stolen or damaged whilst you were away could you afford to just go out and buy new ones?

You may already have your phone, tablet and laptop insured separately, but if you don’t you should think about adding Gadget Cover to your travel insurance.

Our new Gadget Cover option will cover your mobile phone, tablet and laptop, including iphones and ipads, against the risk of loss, theft or damage up to £1000 whilst you are away on holiday.

Gadget cover can be added to our single trip and annual policies (Gold and Platinum cover only) and remember, adding Gadget Cover to an annual travel insurance policy means that your gadgets will be protected every time you go away during that year.

Find out more about Gadget Cover >> provide travel insurance with cover for all types of medical conditions and no upper age limit.

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