Protect the money you've invested in your holiday - buy travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday.

Added 14/10/2011

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Many people leave buying travel insurance to the last minute, perhaps just a day or two before they travel, but if you do leave it to the last minute you are putting the money you’ve invested in your holiday at risk.

Think about the cost of your holiday, could you afford to lose it, if for reasons such as illness or redundancy you are forced to cancel. If you’d already bought travel insurance with cancellation cover, you’d be able to make a claim for the cost of the holiday under the cancellation section of the travel insurance policy, then re-book your holiday for a convenient date.

If you hadn’t already bought travel insurance, you’d be forced to cancel; you’d be out of pocket and may not be able to afford to book another holiday.

Buying travel insurance with cancellation cover as soon as you’ve booked your holiday can provide financial protection for your holiday before you travel, as well as providing cover for you when you’re away.

Another reason to buy travel insurance cover as early as possible is to ensure that you are covered for travel delays due to strike action. For example the recent general strikes in Italy and Greece which affected air traffic control and caused cancellation and delays for many travellers.

If you booked your holiday and bought a travel insurance policy before strike dates are announced you should be covered for travel delay and abandonment due to strike action. provides a benefit for every 12 hours that you are delayed; this is designed to help cover additional expenses, such as food and drink when you’re stuck at the airport. You also get the option to ‘abandon’ your holiday after a delay of 12 hours and make a claim for the cost. This will be up to the amount specified in the policy, so make sure you buy the right level of cover which reflects the cost of your holiday.’s Gold and Platinum policies include cover for cancellation and delays due to strike, make sure you get the full benefit by buying you travel insurance policy as soon as you’ve booked your holiday.

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