Inspired by the Olympics? Travel insurance over 65 for sports & activities

Added 10/08/2012

activity travel insurance over 65

If you’ve been inspired by our success in the Olympics to look for a more active holiday, but are concerned about finding travel insurance due to your age, don’t worry.

Travel insurance over 65 from covers many sports and activities as standard, including scuba diving to 18 metres, cycling and sailing (within 12 miles of the coast, in European waters). You also have the option, up to age 75, to extend your travel insurance policy to cover more adventurous sports and adventurous activities, such as cycle touring and sea canoeing and skiing.

If you are planning to take part in any sports or activities on holiday it’s very important to make sure that they are covered by your travel insurance (this is important no matter what your age, not just if you are over 65).

Never assume that a sport is covered, always check to make sure - If you have an accident whilst taking part in an activity which is not covered by your travel insurance, you could find yourself facing large medical bills.

We recommend that you check our full policy wording for details of the sports and activities covered by our travel insurance over 65 before you travel or take part in any sport.

Once you’re on holiday, if you would like to try an activity that you hadn’t planned on doing, check your policy wording to see if it’s covered by your travel insurance before you take part. If it’s not covered, you can call us to add it to your policy.

With our Olympic team exceeding all our expectations and doing us proud this summer it’s not difficult to see why many of us are being inspired to become more active on holiday.

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