Hiring a car on holiday? You need to know about changes to UK driving licenses

Added 15/05/2015

Changes to UK driving licenses will effect you when you pick up a hire car

If you are hiring a car in the UK or abroad this summer, you need to know about the changes in UK driving license rules before you attempt to pick up your car.

From 8 June the paper part of your driving license (if you have a photo card with paper counterpart) will cease to be valid.

The paper counterpart was introduced alongside the photo card license to display your driving entitlements and any penalties. 

From 8th June your paper counterpart will no longer have any legal status and any driving penalties will be recorded electronically instead, resulting in your paper license no longer being an up to date record of your driving status.

This means that when you pick up a hire car there will be a new way for them to check whether you have had any fines or penalties.

How to confirm your driving record when hiring a car

From 8 June you will need to confirm your driving status to your car hire company by logging in to the ‘Share your License’ service on gov.uk and obtaining an access code.

Hand over this code, along with the last 8 digits of your driving license, when you collect your hire car and they will be able to log in online to see your driving record. But beware, this code will only be valid for 72 hours, so if you are picking up your hire car more than 3 days into your trip you may need internet access whilst you are away to obtain the access code.

You can also download a copy of your driving record to print out or share.

Visit gov.uk for more information about driving license changes.

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