High Blood Pressure and Travel Insurance

Added 14/09/2012

travel insurance for high blood pressure

As this week is Blood Pressure Awareness Week we’re taking the opportunity to raise awareness of the need to declare high blood pressure when you buy travel insurance and explain why it is so important.

It is vital to declare high blood pressure when you buy travel insurance to ensure that you are protected against the risk of large medical bills should you require medical treatment whilst you are abroad. The good news is that declaring high blood pressure doesn’t necessarily increase the price of travel insurance — but you must still declare it.

Why is it so important to declare high blood pressure?

High blood pressure may not seem important, particularly if it is controlled by medication, but because high blood pressure can lead to many other more serious medical conditions it is very important to ensure that it is covered by your travel insurance.

High blood pressure or hypertension puts extra strain on your heart and blood vessels which can cause them to become weaker or damaged, leading to heart attacks or heart failure, strokes, peripheral arterial disease and kidney disease.

If you were to have a heart attack or a stroke whilst on holiday and you did not declare that you were taking high blood pressure medication when you purchased travel insurance you could find that you are not covered and therefore face medical bills amounting to many thousands of pounds.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking, ‘I’m taking tablets so I don’t have high blood pressure anymore therefore I don’t need to declare it’ — if you are taking tablets to control your blood pressure you absolutely need to declare it.

Travel insurance cover for high blood pressure is not expensive

The good news is that getting travel insurance cover for high blood pressure doesn’t have to be expensive.

In many cases declaring high blood pressure when you buy travel insurance from Goodtogoinsurance.com won’t increase the price at all, but it will mean that you are properly covered should you require medical treatment whilst you are away.

One week’s travel insurance cover for a 60 year old travelling to Europe, declaring high blood pressure is just £16.70*, that’s exactly the same price as a 60 year old with no pre-existing medical conditions. But even if it does cost a few extra pounds it doesn’t compare to the medical bills you could face if you were not properly covered.

You must declare high blood pressure when you buy travel insurance, it won’t necessarily cost you more, but it will make sure that you are properly covered.

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You can control your blood pressure by eating healthily, exercising regularly and being a healthy weight. For information on controlling your blood pressure visit Blood Pressure UK.

*Price based Gold Cover for 1 traveller aged 60 travelling to Europe (exc. Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Malta, and Switzerland). Taking 1 medication for high blood pressure, where the dose hasn’t changed in the last 6 months, gave up smoking 1-10 years ago, also taking medication for high cholesterol.

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