Heading the Caribbean during hurricane season? Don't forget travel insurance

Added 23/08/2012

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Parts of the Caribbean are under hurricane watch today as tropical storm Isaac moves through the region.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised British nationals who are in the Caribbean or planning to travel to the Caribbean to monitor local media for the latest information or contact their tour operator for advice and to check their travel arrangements.

Weather forecasters are predicting that the tropical storm could intensify and turn into a hurricane later this week.

The British Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic are currently under hurricane watch and the National Hurricane Centre has predicted that Isaac with move northwest and could reach Florida by Monday.

To monitor the progress of tropical storm Isaac visit the National Hurricane Centre website.

The Caribbean hurricane season usually lasts from June to November, however October is the often the month when the most hurricanes occur.

How can travel insurance help?

Obviously the most important reason to buy travel insurance when you go on holiday is make sure you are protected against the cost of emergency medical treatment whilst you are away, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

However a travel insurance policy can also provide cover in situations where your holiday is affected by extreme weather, including hurricanes.If a hurricane strikes whilst you are on holiday travel insurance (Gold and Platinum policies only) from Goodtogoinsurance.com can help because it includes Catastrophe Cover.

Catastrophe cover is designed to cover additional, irrecoverable, travel or accommodation costs if you are forced to move from your pre-paid, pre-booked holiday accommodation due to unforeseen events including hurricanes, earthquake, flood or fire.

If the hurricane hits before you leave the UK and causes your outbound flight to be delayed as a result you would have cover under the Travel Delay and Abandonment section of the travel insurance policy — see the terms and conditions of your policy for full details.

We hope that your holiday that your holiday to the Caribbean or USA will not be affected by hurricanes or tropical storms, but if it is, it’s good to know that your travel insurance can help.

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