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Added 19/06/2012

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With the Osbournes announcing yesterday that Jack Osbourne has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), we thought it would be a good time to highlight that a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis does not mean an end to fun holidays abroad and that travel insurance for ms does not need to be complicated or expensive.

Jack Osbourne had been had been taken for tests after losing 60% of his vision in one eye earlier this year.

MS is an incurable neurological condition that damages the nerves and affects the transfer of messages around the body and Jack says that he has chosen to speak out in order to raise awareness of the condition.

Multiple sclerosis can have a wide range of symptoms, including tiredness, temporary blindness, loss of co-ordination and speech difficulties, it is often unpredictable and affects everyone differently.

According to the MS Society there are about 100,000 people living with multiple sclerosis in the UK, most of who are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40, an age when people want to live life to the full, including enjoying holidays abroad.

Whether you want to travel the world, or simply relax in the sun for a week, a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis does not mean that you can’t travel or get fair priced travel insurance to cover your trip.

In fact, here’s a story which proves that MS does not have to stop you travelling the world.

George Pepper was diagnosed with MS at the age of 23, he is now 30 and has just completed a once in a lifetime 6 month round the world trip with his girlfriend.

George’s treatment for MS requires monthly intravenous infusions, and he was able to pre-arrange his treatments at hospitals along his route in Australia and Brazil. Continuing his regular treatment for MS, along with taking regular rest and drink stops meant that he remained healthy throughout the trip.

Now, you may not want to be that adventurous, but George’s trip does prove what you can achieve with a bit of forward planning.

Whatever type of holiday you decide to take, whether you plan on travelling the world or simply relaxing in the sun for a week, obtaining travel insurance cover for multiple sclerosis is vital.

To ensure that your MS is covered by your travel insurance you must declare it when you buy your travel insurance policy. It’s very easy and it doesn’t have to be expensive. can provide MS travel insurance cover online or by phone, once you have told us about your MS we will ask you a short series of multiple choice questions to help us assess the severity of your multiple sclerosis, such as whether you use mobility aids and if you have suffered an acute relapse in the last year — it will only take a few minutes and you don’t need to get a doctor’s certificate.

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