How has duty-free shopping changed since your last holiday?

Added 13/05/2022

If, like many people, you haven’t travelled abroad for the last 2 years you may have missed that the amount of goods you are allowed to bring back into the UK duty-free has changed.

Personal allowances increased

On 1st January 2021, the rules for duty-free shopping were updated to substantially increase the personal allowance on alcohol.

Holidaymakers coming back into the UK from overseas can now bring back four litres of spirits, three crates of beer and three cases of still wine without having to pay UK duties.

Duty free now available on EU trips

In addition to this, because the UK is no longer a member of the EU, these new increased duty-free allowances on alcohol, as well as the allowance for tobacco, are now available when you return home from all EU countries, including France, Spain, Greece, and all the popular holiday destinations.

This is great news, whether you fancy bringing back some of the local tipple as gifts, or just want to stock up on your favourites on the way home. 

Full details on what goods you can bring back into the UK:

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