Does your travel companion have a medical condition?

Added 13/04/2011

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Are you making plans for an Easter break? If you are, making sure that you have the right travel insurance cover should be an essential step. If you are travelling with a family member or friend who has an existing medical condition, it’s vital to ensure that you have travel insurance that will cover you should the trip be cancelled or cut short because of your companion’s illness.

We believe this vital element of the holiday is often overlooked by healthy travellers. Yet, if a member of a travelling party falls ill before the holiday starts due to a pre-existing condition, causing the trip to be cancelled, the other travellers may find it difficult to get reimbursement if they are insured separately.

If you are travelling with someone who has a pre existing medical condition it might be a good idea to buy one travel insurance policy to cover the whole group, this will make it easier to make a claim if you are unfortunate enough to have to cancel your holiday in the event that is was deemed medically necessary to cancel or cut short the holiday due to your companions illness.

If you would like to know more about buying a policy which covers medical conditions have a look at Medical Questions Answered.

Have a great Easter!

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