Cruise ship vomiting bug outbreak highlights importance of travel insurance

Added 13/12/2012

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The current outbreak of the vomiting bug norovirus on a luxury pre-Christmas cruise illustrates how unpredictable illness can be, you could get ill and require medical treatment at any time, no matter how prepared you are.

It also highlights the importance of having travel insurance in place every time you travel to cover the cost of any emergency medical treatment which you may require on holiday.

The Daily Mail is reporting that hundreds of passengers aboard P&Os Oriana cruise ship are believed to have contracted the highly infectious sickness virus during a luxury cruise to the Christmas markets of Bruges, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo and Hamburg.

P&O have stated that enhanced sanitation protocols are now in place in order to minimise transmission to other cruise passengers aboard the ship. Unwell passengers have been asked to comply with the ship’s doctor’s instructions and isolate themselves in their cabin.

In this instance P&O have agreed to cover the cost of any medical treatment as a direct result of the norovirus outbreak, which is great, but you should be aware that in general, if you don’t have appropriate travel insurance in place it will be you footing the bill for any emergency medical treatment whilst you are on holiday.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise British Nationals to have travel insurance in place every time they travel because although they can provide support if you are hospitalised abroad they cannot cover the cost. This is where your travel insurance comes in, or if you are uninsured you would be liable for the medical bills, which can quickly amount to £1000s yourself.

To ensure that you are properly covered by your travel insurance you should declare any pre-existing medical conditions at the time of purchase.

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