Cancellation: What does travel insurance cover?

Added 28/09/2023

Cancellation: what does travel insurance coverTravel insurance can help protect the money you've invested in your holiday against the risk of cancellation due to illness, redundancy and other specified, unexpected events.

As Martin Lewis says, you should buy travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked your holiday to get the maximum protection for cancellation, as you never know what’s around the corner.

Our Gold, Platinum and Cruise policies include cover for cancellation, at different levels, so you can choose the right amount to reflect the cost of your holiday.  (Silver policies do not provide cancellation cover).

You can make a claim to recoup your holiday costs if you are forced to cancel your trip for the following reasons, if they occur after the start date of your policy: 

  • Illness or injury 
    If you, a travelling companion, close relative or business associate in your home country, or the person that you are due to stay with is ill, injured or die before the trip starts.  

    Cancellation due to existing medical conditions becoming worse is covered for policy holders, so long as the condition was declared to us and accepted. 

    In the case of non-travelling close relatives with an existing medical condition who fall ill, you will be covered for cancellation only if the relative’s Medical Practitioner states that at the time insurance was taken out, or the trip was booked, whichever is the latter, he/she would not have foreseen such a serious deterioration in their condition.
  • Redundancy
    If you or a travel companion are made redundant before the trip starts.
  • Your home becomes uninhabitable
    If your home becomes uninhabitable following fire, storm or flood, or your presence is required following a burglary.
  • Requirements of HM Forces
    If your or your travelling companion is unable to travel due to requirements of HM Forces.
  • Court appearance or jury service
    You are required for jury service or as a witness in a court of law.

If your flight or holiday is cancelled by your travel provider, they should provide you with a full refund or an alternative.

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