Asthma Awareness Week: Travelling with Asthma & Asthma travel insurance

Added 30/04/2012

asthma travel insurance

At the start of Asthma Awareness Week we’re talking about travelling with Asthma and getting the right asthma travel insurance.

There’s no need for asthma to stop you from travelling or enjoying a holiday abroad, but it is important to make the right preparations before you travel if you suffer from asthma. This includes buying asthma travel insurance.

Asthma UK has lots of useful information on their website to help you prepare for your holiday, tips include;

  • Draw up a written personal asthma action plan with your doctor before you go on holiday.
  • Make sure that you take enough inhalers and tablets to last your whole holiday, plus some extras.
  • Always take your asthma medication in your hand luggage.
  • Take out travel insurance that covers your asthma

Get more asthma tips from Asthma UK

In the past people with asthma have experienced difficulty finding travel insurance cover for their holiday due to the increased risk of needing hospital treatment whilst on holiday, this is no longer the case. can provide asthma travel insurance to cover all types of asthma up to a high level of severity. We believe that everyone should be able to travel with the peace of mind that they have travel insurance in place to cover asthma or any other medical conditions.

If you do suffer from asthma, the important thing to remember when buying travel insurance is that you must declare your asthma to make sure that it is properly covered. If you don’t declare that you suffer from asthma and then need emergency medical treatment whilst you are on holiday you could find that it is not covered by your travel insurance.

It’s easy to buy travel insurance for asthma, with you can get instant asthma travel insurance cover online or by phone. Once you have declared that you have asthma we will ask you a short series of multiple choice questions which will help us assess the severity of your asthma.

Asthma travel insurance doesn’t have to be expensive; in many cases covering mild asthma doesn’t increase the travel insurance price at all.

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