Air strikes in August could disrupt your holiday in Spain

Added 04/08/2010

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Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations for British travellers. Every year, around 13 million of us choose to take a holiday in Spain, particularly in the summer months when the temperature is hot and there are endless days of sunshine.

But this summer, your holiday in Spain could be disrupted by air strikes. Air traffic controllers in Spain have announced that they will staging a strike in August. The exact date and length of the strike is unconfirmed, but reports have revealed that it’s likely to occur on 18 August and last for around three days.

The announced strike follows a wave of sickness leave amongst air traffic controllers over the past couple of months. In June, the number of workers off sick was four times greater than the number off sick in February.

Around 300,000 people travelling to or from Britain are likely to be affected by the air strikes. In total, 2 million passengers could face flight delays and cancellations. The strikes come at a peak time and with little notice, which could lead to holiday chaos.

Air traffic controllers in Spain will be striking against the change in their working hours and the reduction in the amount of overtime pay. The wage cuts mean that on average, air traffic controllers in Spain will earn £167,000 per annum, compared to around £290,000 per annum before the pay cuts were announced. Air traffic controllers in the UK earn between £60,000 and £90,000 per annum.

Around 2,300 workers will be involved in the strike and the exact details of the walkout are likely to be announced in the next few days.

Anyone going on holiday in Spain this summer should contact their airline before departing for the airport to find out about any flight delays or cancellations.

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