Abu Dhabi is hot on sport tourism

Added 24/06/2010

Golf ball on golf course

Abu Dhabi hosts a range of sporting events to attract sports lovers from all over the world. The Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority is promoting sport tourism to highlight what Abu Dhabi has to offer visitors.

The emirate has already hosted a successful televised Grand Prix and the Abu Dhabi World Golf Championships. Abu Dhabi has also signed up to a partnership with Manchester City Football Club. Abu Dhabi’s brand will appear on the perimeter boards of Manchester Stadium to help promote it as a travel destination for sport tourism.

Abu Dhabi’s golf courses are one of the main attractions for high end visitors. In fact the expenditure of visitors interested in golf is typically double that of other types of holidaymakers.

The FIFA World Cup Abu Dhabi 2009 was a successful event, which attracted thousands of football fans to two impressive stadiums - the Zayed Sports City Stadium and the Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium.

Abu Dhabi offers horse racing with a difference - their Arabian thoroughbreds demonstrate the role that horses play in the culture of the United Arab Emirates. Combining sports and culture is a great way to educate visitors and offer something different to sports lovers.

People travelling for sport tourism are likely to return to a destination for a holiday, so it’s easy to see why sports are a popular way to bring in repeat visitors to Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi has excellent sporting facilities and a range of fantastic hotels to boot. Many of the hotels in Abu Dhabi are draped in opulence, offering a really luxurious visit.

The food in Abu Dhabi is varied - food from around the world is available at many cafes and restaurants. Whether you like Asian, Italian or Japanese food, there’s something for everyone.

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