A holiday in France could be the perfect choice for disabled travellers

Added 08/07/2010

Eiffel Tower

Disabled travellers often have to think carefully about travelling abroad. Before setting foot on foreign soil, they need to know if transportation and hotels can cater for their disabilities. A holiday in France could be the ideal choice for a disabled traveller.

The ’Tourisme et Handicap’ logo depicts four different types of disability - physical, mental, visual and hearing. Wherever the logo is displayed in France, disabled travellers will be assured of accessibility, whether it’s at a hotel, tourist attraction or restaurant. The logo also indicates meeting points, particularly in airports, where help is available for disabled travellers.

A holiday in France is a great option if you are worried about the accessibility of transportation to your destination. The Eurotunnel enables travellers with mobility problems to stay in their car throughout the journey, which is much easier than getting on and off a plane. The Blue Badge Scheme is also in force throughout France for those wanting to drive abroad.

Eurostar is also a more accessible option than flying as the trains are wheelchair friendly, and first class seats are available to disabled travellers at second class prices. Assistance dogs for visually impaired or hard of hearing travellers are also permitted on Eurostar trains.

Many tourist attractions in France, including the Orsay Museum, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, are well equipped to receive disabled travellers. The Eiffel Tower’s large lifts are spacious enough to accommodate wheelchairs. Wheelchair users can visit the first and second floors of the tower, but unfortunately the top of the tower is off limits due to safety reasons. Disabled visitors can visit the Eiffel Tower at a reduced rate. There are several companies in Paris that rent out wheelchairs for those that need them on a temporary basis.

Finding an accessible hotel for your holiday in France shouldn’t be a problem. Contact the French Tourist Office for a list of accessible hotels. Before you book a hotel, it’s a good idea to contact the owners first to make sure the facilities meet your specific needs.

When you book your holiday in France, remember to buy comprehensive travel insurance to cover the cost of travel delay, lost luggage or medical treatment abroad. Goodtogoinsurance.com specialises in providing travel insurance for people with disabilities. When you purchase your travel insurance, remember to declare your disability, otherwise the cost of treatment that you receive abroad as a result of your condition will not be covered.

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