Travel Insurance - Why You Need It

FCO Travel Aware

Travel insurance might be the last thing on your mind when planning a holiday - but it is very important. If you buy travel insurance, you can go on holiday fully relaxed with the peace of mind that help is available if you need it. offers a range of travel insurance policies for travellers of all ages - even those with pre existing medical conditions.

Whether you are travelling for a holiday, for business or to visit friends and family, you need travel insurance to provide cover for your health and belongings. Often travellers fail to book travel insurance, and when things go wrong, they suffer the consequences. Your travel insurance policy is a small price to pay to ensure you won't come up against any unforeseen bills.

The cost of medical treatment abroad can be staggering if you are uninsured:

  • £35-45,000 - air ambulance from USA's East Coast
  • £12-16,000 - air ambulance from the Canary Islands
  • £15-20,000 - scheduled flight, stretcher and doctor escort from Australia

(Figures supplied by FirstAssist Services Ltd.)

And don't just buy the cheapest insurance policy that you can find. Search for a policy that fits your requirements. Do you need cover for pre existing medical conditions? Do you need winter sports cover? Will you be taking expensive equipment with you that needs to be insured?

Holidays differ wildly, so it's important to find a travel insurance policy that suits you and your destination.

So what are the benefits of travel insurance?

  • Repatriation to the UK - without travel insurance, you might have to fork out thousands of pounds if you need to be taken home in an air ambulance
  • Medical and healthcare bills will be covered if you need treatment abroad
  • If you need to cancel or cut your trip short in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as redundancy or illness
  • Travel insurance can cover you for extreme activities such as winter sports and adrenaline activities
  • If you make regular trips abroad, annual insurance policies can save you money
  • Loss or theft of personal possessions
  • Damage or loss of specialist equipment such as ski gear
  • 24 hour emergency and medical assistance
  • Travellers with pre-existing medical conditions can be covered

Once you've arranged your travel insurance, you can concentrate on looking forward to your holiday, safe in the knowledge that you'll be taken care of if anything goes wrong.