Travelling Abroad for Sports Events

Every year Britons travel abroad for sports events, from football and cricket to motor racing and athletics. It can be a step up from watching sports at home, and it involves a holiday at the same time!

Sports fans often jump at the chance to support their team abroad. Travelling for sports events can be different to a normal holiday, but many of the same preparations still apply. And with the preparations out of the way, you can concentrate on enjoying your trip and supporting your sportsman or team.

Here are some top tips to ensure you make the most of the event:

  • Get comprehensive travel insurance. You might not see your trip as a holiday, but you will still need to be covered in the event of lost luggage or a medical emergency - offers travel insurance for people of any age, even those with pre existing medical conditions
  • Check that your passport is valid. In some countries it needs to be valid for 6 months when you travel
  • Visit your doctor to find out if you need vaccinations or antimalarials before you travel
  • Book your accommodation or hire car well in advance, especially for big matches, as they can soon get booked up
  • Find out if there is adequate public transport if you need it and allow enough money for taxis
  • Buy tickets from a reputable source, otherwise you might end up with fakes
  • Visit the FCO website before you travel - they sometimes provide details about specific sports events
  • Before you leave, tell your bank where you are going so they don't put a lock on your account
  • Arrive a day or two before the event to give yourself time to acclimatise and recover from jet lag
  • If you are travelling to different sporting events throughout your trip, allow plenty of time to get from place to place and find out how long it will take to travel to each one. Sometimes large countries can confuse your sense of scale
  • If you are travelling to a hot country, take sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat for those long hours in the sun
  • Have insect repellent on standby, particularly if you are attending an event at dusk
  • Sports events attract thieves so keep an eyes on your belongings
  • Take extra layers of clothing with you to the event - even hot countries can feel cold once the sun has gone down

Sports events are the perfect excuse for a trip abroad, combining your hobby with a holiday, and with the right preparation, you're sure to enjoy the event to the full.