Cruise Holidays - Useful Advice for Cruise Ship Passengers

You've packed your sunscreen, sunglasses and flip flops and you are ready to hit the high seas. But are you? As a cruise ship passenger, what should you expect of your journey across the vast, undiscovered ocean?

A cruise ship is a floating resort with well-stocked shops, restaurants and bars. Popular with over 65s, cruise holidays can be the perfect way to unwind with a wealth of amenities on hand.

Preparing for a cruise holiday is much like every other holiday, but there are a few things to bear in mind before you set sail:

  • Take enough prescribed medication with you to last the whole trip as it can be expensive on board
  • If you are prone to sea sickness, find the right remedy for you and take it with you. Don't rely on the on board shops stocking the medicine you need
  • Get adequate medical travel insurance cover, as medical care on board is not free - offers policies for people of any age, even those with pre existing medical conditions
  • Check that your travel insurance policy covers cruises, as not all cover them as standard
  • Find out if the country you will be visiting requires a visa and obtain it before departure if necessary
  • The Caribbean hurricane season occurs from June to November - check that the threat of hurricanes will not affect your trip
  • If you fall ill prior to embarkation, you may be denied entry if the illness is serious
  • Research your destinations before you leave home, otherwise you might find yourself at a loss of what to do when you disembark
  • Learn as much as you can about your cruise ship prior to your trip - it will save a lot of aimless wandering when you board
  • Choose your cabin carefully to meet your needs

Once you have boarded the cruise ship, don't get too comfortable. First, become familiar with your surroundings and prepare yourself for the following:

  • Mandatory safety drills before or soon after departure
  • Security checks similar to those found at airports
  • You might be issued with a photo ID card to board and leave the ship - keep it in a safe place
  • Locate the reception desk - this will be your first port of call for all your inquiries
  • Make a note of where to find satellite telephones or an internet cafe should you need to contact relatives in an emergency
  • If you suffer from sea sickness, be prepared to spend time on deck to counteract the nausea

If you are well prepared for your cruise ship adventure, then you can spend more time relaxing and making the most of your holiday.

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