Medical Travel Tips

Having a pre-existing medical condition or a disability needn't stop you from travelling abroad, but you may need to be more prepared, we've put together some travel tips which may help you prepare for your trip.

Of course, one important tip is to make sure that you have travel insurance for existing medical conditions in place every time you travel. can provide travel insurance for all types of existing medical conditions, including diabetes, cancer, heart conditions and mental health conditions.

Please note: These travel tips are intended to provide general information and do not replace a visit to your doctor. If you are planning a holiday you should consult your doctor to ensure that you are fit to travel and discuss any specific health requirements you may have.

Travel tips from Dr. Ruth Handford

Dr Ruth Handford is a GP with over 10 years' experience of working in both hospital and primary care. She is particularly interested in caring for the elderly in the community, child health, and family planning. Ruth lives and works in a rural community, and is kept very busy by her job and young family.

More medical travel tips

The following medical travel tips have been written to provide those of you with existing medical conditions with a starting point when planning a holiday. They contain information which you should find useful, but have not been written by a medical professional and we recommend that you consult your doctor before travelling.