How to pack for a cruise

How to pack for a cruise

If you haven’t been on a cruise before knowing what to take with you can be tricky. You’ll be spending time on –board ship as well as visiting a number of ports, so getting the right clothes for all eventualities is important.

Cruise essentials

Camera, sun screen, swim suit and a good book to read by the pool are essentials plus travel guides for the places you will be visiting on your cruise.

Top tip for your first day

When you arrive on-board ship have a small hand luggage style bag with you containing a change of clothes and a swimsuit. That will enable you to start enjoying the facilities on the cruise ship straight away, without having to wait for your checked-in bags to be brought to your cabin.

Day wear on-board ship

During the day, casual clothes are the order of the day, such as shorts, t-shirts, trousers and sundresses – perfect both indoors and outdoors.

Take two swim suits with you so that you never have to try to squeeze in one that is still wet and remember that you will need some form of cover up to get you from your cabin, to the pool and back.

For those of you planning take advantage of the gyms and fitness centres on most cruise ships remember to take suitable clothing and a pair of running shoes or trainers.

Dressing for the evening and dinner

Different cruise lines and ships will have different dress codes for dinner as well as a mixture of formal and casual eating experiences. For casual dining think polo shirts and trousers for men and sundresses for women. More formal dining will require jacket and tie or even dinner jacket for men and cocktail dresses for women.

What to wear for on-shore visits

The clothes you will need when you are in port rather than on the cruise ship will vary according to where you are actually stopping. If you are planning on sightseeing, bring comfortable shoes and layers of clothing such as cardigans or jumpers in case it gets chilly. Remember you may also need to cover up if you wish to visit any religious buildings or museums.