Travel Sickness and How to Prevent It

Whether it is planes, boats, trains or cars, some form of transport is an essential part of your holiday. It can also be part of the fun, but not if you suffer from motion sickness.

Anyone of any age can suffer from motion sickness, but women and young children are most susceptible. Sometimes referred to as travel sickness, car sickness or sea sickness, motion sickness affects the inner ear and balance and can cause nausea, vomiting and dizziness. If you know how to prevent it and cope with it, you can concentrate more on enjoying your holiday.

Don't let travel sickness put you off travelling - here's how you can prevent it:

  • Close your eyes and try to relax
  • Listen to music on a personal music player to distract your brain
  • Avoid alcohol or heavy, spicy and fatty food
  • Avoid odorous food that might make you feel nauseous
  • Chew gum or sweets to keep your mouth fresh and the feeling of nausea at bay
  • Sit in the middle of the plane or ship where there is less motion
  • If someone close to you suffers from travel sickness, sit further away from them. If they start feeling sick, it could set you off
  • If you are a passenger in a car and you suffer from car sickness, sit in the front seat so that you can see what's coming
  • Face the direction of travel - travelling backwards confuses your brain and leads to motion sickness
  • Don't read while you are travelling as it upsets your sense of balance
  • Try to look at the horizon to keep your sense of balance in check
  • Open air vents if there are any or take a stroll out on deck to get some fresh air
  • Eat ginger to settle your stomach - various tests have proven its effectiveness
  • Visit your pharmacist for over the counter medicine to treat mild cases of motion sickness
  • Visit your doctor for stronger medication if you are prone to prolonged bouts of motion sickness

Try not to let motion sickness prevent you from travelling abroad. After all, once you get to your chosen destination you'll have forgotten all about it because you'll be having such a wonderful time!