Annual v single trip travel insurance

As wanderlust beckons and travel plans start to take shape, you might be considering whether it is best to take out an annual multi trip travel insurance policy or a single trip policy.

Our annual travel insurance, also known as annual multi-trip insurance, provides cover for an entire year from the policy start date. This means you're covered for multiple journeys within that period, with a maximum duration of 31 days per trip. It is convenient and has the potential for cost savings for frequent globetrotters.

Before choosing an annual multi trip policy you should work out your travel plans for the upcoming year and decide whether you plan to visit Europe or travel worldwide.

Pros of an annual multi trip policy:

  • One policy covers all your travels throughout the year, saving time and hassle.
  • You can take a spontaneous trip knowing that you have travel insurance in place.
  • If you take multiple trips annually, the per-trip cost could be lower compared to single trip cover.
  • An annual policy includes cover for UK trips.


Restricts destinations: Choices must be made regarding cover regions (e.g., Europe, worldwide), which could pose challenges if you want to travel further than originally planned.

Cost-Effectiveness: For infrequent travellers, the upfront cost of an annual policy may not justify the potential savings.

Single trip travel insurance:

Our single trip insurance provides cover for a specific trip and ends upon your return home.


Specific: Your quote will be based on a specific destination and duration.

Longer trips: Single trip policies allow for trips of up to 94 days which allows for longer holidays than annual travel insurance.


Cost: If you take multiple trips annually, single trip insurance could work out more expensive per journey compared to an annual policy.

Time: Buying a new policy for each trip takes extra effort and time to arrange.

Choosing between annual and single trip insurance hinges on several factors:

Frequency of travel: Assess how often you travel in a year to determine which option offers better value.

Destination and activities: Consider the nature of your trips and whether they require specialised cover such as winter sports or activities. A single trip could be more cost effective if you need to add on sports or activity extras.

Budget and preference: Evaluate upfront costs, cover needs, and personal preferences to find the right balance between convenience and affordability.

Declaring pre-existing medical conditions:

Whether you choose an annual multi trip policy or a single trip policy you need to declare your pre-existing medical conditions when you get a quote and ensure that you advise us of any change to your medical conditions between buying the policy and travelling.

Whether you choose annual or single trip cover, don’t let your age or medical conditions hold you back. For travel insurance you’re good to go!