Understanding what medical conditions need to be declared

Why does medical history matter?

Buying travel insurance is rather like buying medical insurance to protect you when you’re abroad; covering the cost of any emergency medical treatment required.

The price of travel insurance is determined by the cost of medical treatment for a British national in the destination of travel, the length of the trip and the perceived likelihood that emergency medical treatment will be required.

Therefore giving accurate information about your medical history is vital.

What medical conditions do I need to declare?

To ensure that you are properly covered by your travel insurance you should declare all of your existing medical conditions.  It is very important that you give this information accurately and don’t leave anything out. Don’t be afraid to contact your GP if you are unsure of anything.

If are worried about declaring your medical conditions correctly, take some time to think about your medical history before contacting us for quote. If you have a number of medical conditions, write them down first so you don’t forget anything.

If you give incorrect details about your medical history there is a risk that you won’t be properly insured and any claim you make could be declined.

At goodtogoinsurance.com we ask you to declare any medical conditions for which you have received any treatment, taken any medication or seen a medical professional about in the last two years.

This includes conditions which are controlled by medication such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol and conditions which you have suffered in the past such as cancer or heart attack, if you have taken medication related to the condition or had a check-up related to the condition in the last two years.

If you are in doubt about what you should declare our team are available to help, simply call us on 0330 024 9949, we are open 7 days a week.