Travelling with Diabetes

If you love to travel and you have diabetes, there should be no reason why you can't enjoy your adventures abroad to the full; you just need to take a few extra precautionary measures before you leave.

As a diabetic, your holiday needn't be different. You can enjoy the same holidays as those who don't suffer from diabetes. A little extra planning is all it takes to have a relaxing, enjoyable trip. Booking your travel insurance with will get you on the right track and ensure that you have appropriate cover for your diabetes.

So how can you prepare for your holiday if you are travelling with diabetes?

  • Contact your doctor to find out what vaccinations you might need
  • Have a medical exam before you travel to check that your diabetes is under control
  • Book your travel insurance - can cover you as a diabetic
  • Your blood glucose monitor is permitted on flights
  • Take extra snacks on long flights as airline meals can often be small
  • As a diabetic, you are entitled to carry syringes and insulin on flights, provided you take a doctor's letter with you
  • Carry insulin in your hand luggage in case your hold luggage is lost
  • If you need to store insulin in your hold luggage, put it in a flask or wrap it in bubble wrap and store it in the centre of your suitcase to stop it freezing
  • Take extra medication with you to account for delays
  • If you are travelling to a hot country, take a cool bag to store your insulin in as hot weather can affect its efficiency
  • Hot climates increase your susceptibility to hypoglycaemia so you might need to alter your insulin dose
  • Remember to adjust the timing of your medication in different time zones
  • Carry your diabetes ID with you or wear a diabetes ID bracelet
  • When you are out and about in a foreign country, carry snacks with you and plan your activities around meal times
  • Don't assume that your destination will have suitable snacks available. Take snacks from home to last your whole trip
  • Drink plenty of water and steer clear of caffeinated drinks that can deplete your body fluids
  • Enjoy the local cuisine while you are abroad but check your blood glucose levels regularly to make sure that foreign food isn't affecting your diabetes too much
  • Before taking medicine for travel sickness or diarrhoea, check that it won't affect your diabetes medication

Follow these tips and travelling with diabetes needn't be a chore.