Medical Questions Answered

  • What do you define as a pre-existing medical condition?
  • If the answer to any part of the following question is "yes", then there is a pre-existing medical condition and you must declare the relevant condition(s) when purchasing your travel insurance:

    Have you or anyone in your party
    1. been prescribed medication, or received treatment or attended a medical practitioner's surgery in the last 2 years
    2. attended a hospital or clinic as an out-patient or in-patient in the last two years
    3. been currently put on a waiting list for treatment or investigation
    4. been diagnosed by a medical practitioner as suffering from a terminal illness
  • What if I or my travelling companions have pre-existing medical conditions?
  • is designed to offer cover to people with medical conditions and their travelling companions. You will be asked some health questions and in most cases we can offer a quotation to cover your conditions.

    You will also be offered the option to exclude the medical conditions from your cover, but we do not recommend this.

    We strongly recommend that you buy full cover for your conditions, otherwise you will be exposing yourself to substantial medical and repatriation expenses if you fall ill abroad, Moreover, without full cover, if you cancel or curtail your trip due to a pre-existing condition your claim will not be covered.
  • What conditions will you cover?
  • For single trip policies, all types of condition can be covered up to a very high level of severity. For annual multi-trip policies we can cover a more limited degree of severity.
  • What about mental health conditions?
  • These are equally as insurable with as "physical" ones - from mild depression through to bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.
  • I have a close relative in UK with a potentially serious medical condition. He's not travelling but if he became seriously ill or died, I'd want to cancel or curtail my trip. Am I covered?
  • We cannot medically screen someone who is not applying for insurance. So the way we deal with this issue is that you will be covered if your relative's doctor is prepared to state that at the time insurance was taken out, he/she would not have foreseen such a serious deterioration in his or her patient's condition.
  • Can you quote if my condition has not yet been diagnosed?
  • We can only cover conditions which have been diagnosed by a medical practitioner.
  • I am on medication to control my condition and therefore no longer have symptoms. Do I still need to declare this condition?
  • Yes, all medical conditions must be declared even if they are controlled by medication.
  • I''m on a waiting list for an operation? Am I covered if I have to cancel or cut short my trip because the operation becomes urgently available?
  • >No.
  • I use a wheelchair. Is it covered?
  • Yes, for loss or damage up to £2,500, providing you own it. What's more, we''ll pay for hire of another one whilst yours is out of action during your trip. Some other mobility aids are covered too (full list - wheelchairs, motorised wheelchairs, walking frames, walking sticks or crutches.)
  • How do you calculate my quotation?
  • The premiums vary according to a combination of factors (mainly age, type and severity of condition, destination and duration of trip).
  • Are there any important policy conditions regarding health?
    1. You must be fit to undertake your planned trip
    2. You must not travel against medical advice or with the intention of obtaining medical treatment or consultation abroad
    3. We will cover you only for pre-existing medical conditions that you have declared to us and which we have accepted in writing. These are set out in the policy document pack, along with the answers you gave to our medical questions.
    4. We will not cover you if your state of health was worse than you told us at the time you purchased your policy.
  • What if I''m pregnant?
  • You will be covered for pregnancy so long as your airline or other transport operator is happy to carry you and you are not travelling against doctor's advice.

    Please make sure that your Doctor and Midwife are aware of your travel plans, that there are no known complications and that you are not travelling against any medical advice.

    Airline regulations state that you must complete your travel by 36 weeks and 6 days for single uncomplicated pregnancies or 32 weeks and 6 days for multiple uncomplicated pregnancies.

    Please note: Our pregnancy travel insurance does not provide cover under the Cancellation, Curtailment, Personal Accident and Medical & Repatriation Expenses sections of the policy for claims arising from normal pregnancy without any accompanying bodily injury, illness, disease or complication. These sections are designed to provide cover for unforeseen events, accidents, illnesses and diseases and normal childbirth would not constitute an unforeseen event. Cover under the Personal Accident section is also excluded in respect of pregnancy.

  • Surely I don't need medical cover if I''m going to an EU country?
  • Yes you do.

    Some countries have a reciprocal health care agreement with the UK (e.g. the countries in the EU, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand). UK residents are entitled to necessary medical treatment on a temporary visit to these countries, either free of charge or at a reduced cost by using the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which you can apply for at your local post office or by calling 0845 606 2030 or online at

    However, covers many crucial costs which are not covered by any reciprocal health agreements. For example the cost of repatriation, additional accommodation costs or the cost of a relative or friend to stay behind, or travel from UK, to accompany you home if you are ill. Moreover, a substantial contribution from the patient towards treatment cost is often required under reciprocal agreements and prescriptions and emergency dental treatment are often excluded too.
  • Should I still apply for an EHIC if I''m visiting one of these countries?
  • If you do have an EHIC and it results in a reduction in the medical costs that we have to pay, we will waive the excess on your claim. So it's worthwhile.