Gadget Cover - Protect your Mobile Phone, Tablet & More

If you're taking your phone, tablet or MP3 player on holiday make sure they are covered.

We rely on gadgets, such as smart phones and tablets, to stay in touch and make our lives easier; so the chances are you will be taking one or more of them away on holiday with you.

As these gadgets don't come cheap its important to make sure that you have insurance cover in place to cover the cost of repair or replacement if you accidentally damage them, lose them or have them stolen during your trip.

Choosing our Gadget Cover option will extend the Personal Property section of your travel insurance to cover loss, theft or damage to your gadgets whilst you are away.

Gadget Cover can be added to Gold and Platinum policies.

Gadget Cover Up to £1000

We will pay up to £1000 for the intrinsic value or cost of repair of your gadgets (maximum £500 per gadget), which are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed whilst you are away on your trip.

Unauthorised calls if your mobile phone is stolen up to £75

We can cover the following gadgets:

Mobile phones, ipads and tablet computers, e-readers, sat nav, ipods and MP3 players, cassette players/CD players, computer games machines and any equipment used with them such as CDs, games, tapes, cassettes or cartridges.

Please note:
There is a single article limit of £500
There is a limit for CDs, games, tapes, cassettes or cartridges of £50
You must take reasonable care of your gadgets and not leave them unattended in a public place.
You must own the item and be able to provide proof of ownership
Allowance will be made for wear and tear and depreciation
Other terms and conditions apply. Please read the Policy Wording for the full details.