Disabled travel - specialist holidays for travellers with disabilities

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If you have a disability, then it needn't stop you from travelling abroad. But you might have to be a bit more selective about where you travel, depending on your disability.

There are many organisations out there that offer specialist holidays for people with disabilities. All you need to do is find your sense of adventure and you could go just about anywhere and do anything!

Disabled African safari holidays

Specialist African safari holidays are ideal for travellers with disabilities because they offer so much on different sensory levels. Travellers with mobility problems can sit back and enjoy every aspect of an African safari from the comfort of the safari vehicle, while travellers that are deaf or hard of hearing can enjoy the amazing visual experience.

Meanwhile, blind or visually impaired travellers can feed off the range of sounds that float across the savannah. During the Great Migration in the Serengeti, imagine listening to thousands of zebra and wildebeest as they grunt and rustle all around you. Unfortunately, guide dogs are not permitted on safari vehicles as they may be put at risk by predators.

There are companies that offer specially adapted safari vehicles for travellers with wheelchairs, and private tours can be arranged to offer people on a disabled travel holiday some privacy.

Disabled travel in Egypt for wheelchair users

Egypt might seem like the least accessible destination for disabled travellers, especially those with mobility problems - all that sand doesn't really agree with a wheelchair. But specialist holidays to Egypt can be arranged for travellers in wheelchairs, and with everything arranged for you, you can concentrate on enjoying yourself.

Specialist tour operators run disabled trips to Egypt that include tours to some of the country's greatest wonders, including the pyramids. Tour vehicles carry ramps for easy access, and once on board, you are whisked out into the desert to experience the real Egypt.

You might not be able to walk amongst the pyramids, but you certainly might like to try viewing them from the back of a camel! Riding a camel can be an exhilarating experience for someone who usually finds it difficult to get around. It's also easier to navigate the terrain on the back of a beast.

Another great option for travellers with mobility problems in Egypt is to take a Nile cruise. Just make sure the boat is well equipped with wide doorways and disabled toilets. Joining a cruise will make travelling around Egypt that bit easier.

Cruise holidays for disabled travellers

The cruise industry has recognised the need to cater for disabled travel on cruise ships. Travelling by boat is one of the easier ways for disabled travellers to get around and visit multiple destinations. Cruise ships incorporate all the amenities you'll need in one place making it easy for you to move from the restaurant to the bar and back to your cabin without working up a sweat.

Cruise ships have lifts for travellers in wheelchairs, and they offer room service if you want a quiet night in.

When you book your cabin, make sure you ask for a disabled room if you need it and be specific about the facilities that you'll require. When you arrive on the cruise ship, it's a good idea to get your bearings straight away to scout out any obstacles. Carry a map of the ship with you at all times so that you can find accessible routes and lifts with ease.

Some cruise operators offer a special service for disabled travellers. They can arrange for specially adapted vehicles to be on hand when you arrive in a port, ready to spirit you away to your next adventure.

Specialist holidays for blind travellers

Travelling abroad can be just as stimulating for blind travellers as it is for sighted travellers. Foreign lands bring new smells, tastes and sounds; even the humidity and temperature might be noticeably different.

Certain tour operators provide specialist holidays abroad that are designed for blind or visually impaired travellers.

Traveleyes organises trips all over the world, from Berlin breaks to Inca excursions. They keep things simple by including flights, transfers, accommodation and breakfast in their prices and many itineraries also include the cost of excursions.

Traveleyes offers discounted prices for sighted travellers. Sighted travellers can be an incredible asset to blind people on holiday because they can describe the sights to them and paint a picture of the stunning world around them.

Disabled travel insurance

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Goodtogoinsurance.com provide disabled travel insurance cover for all types of disability and medical conditions. It doesn't matter whether your disability is physical or caused by a chronic medical condition, we can provide travel insurance cover to allow you to travel with peace of mind that you have travel insurance cover in place to cover the cost of emergency medical treatment abroad.