5 Things You Don't Need to Take on Holiday

We all do it – over packing when we go on holiday. Things you’re convinced you’ll need, but sit in your suitcase for the entire time away, leaving you with less room for items you could actually have made use of.

So what are the five main offenders on our “Leave it behind” list?

  • Tons of toiletries

Travel size versions of popular products are available in supermarkets and chemists, so there’s no need to take a full litre of your favourite shampoo, conditioner or shower gel. If you’re a frequent flyer, buy some small, refillable travel size bottles and keep them topped up with your essentials before you travel.

  • Gallons of your favourite grub

Everyone’s got their own favourite brand of tea, snacks and sweets, but if you’re taking the trouble to travel away from home, why not see what’s on offer at your destination? You may actually find something you like even more than what you have at home.

  • Billions of books

The space saving solution to every reader’s travel library is obviously an e-reader like a Kindle or Kobo. Load it up with books before you travel and save yourself space and weight in your suitcase. If guidebooks are an essential, photocopy the pages you’re going to use and put the sheets of paper in your case, rather than the book. Dispose of the photocopies when you’ve visited the tourist attraction, and gain even more case space for your souvenirs.

  • A tower of towels

If you’re travelling to a hotel, check the small print and you’ll find that the majority will supply you with enough towels to see you through your stay. If you must take your own, or towels aren’t available, look into microfiber towels. These innovative new towels are thin and smooth, like a thick cotton sheet, and not only are they super absorbent, they dry in a fraction of the time of a traditional cotton towel.

  • A vault of valuables

We know you love your gadgets, and a bit of bling can make or break an outfit, but can you really afford to take the risk of it going missing thousands of miles from home? Regardless of whether your room has a safe or the hotel has superb security, it’s still possible for things to go missing – accidentally or thanks to light-fingered intruders. If you really can’t go without your iPad or sparkly earrings, look for cheaper versions of tech or realistic costume jewellery which won’t break your heart if it’s not coming home with you.

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