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Emergency Medical Assistance: Jellyfish Sting

24 Hour Emergency Medical Assistance

With something like a jellyfish sting your priority would be to get to get medical treatment as soon as possible, whether this is by ambulance or other means, this will depend on the severity of sting and how your body has reacted to it.

Because you may need medical treatment quickly it pays to know the phone number for the emergency services in the country you are visiting.

Countries within the EU are easy; you can dial 112 to reach the local emergency services throughout the EU.

Once at the medical centre you, a travel companion or the medical staff would need to contact the Emergency Assistance Line as soon as possible to confirm that travel insurance cover is in place. You will need your policy number at this stage and a description of your condition.

Once travel insurance cover has been confirmed the Medical Assistance team will generally liaise directly with the hospital doctors to ensure you get the most appropriate medical treatment.

If your illness will interfere with your ability to return home as planned the Assistance Team can help you arrange for your accommodation to be extended and alternative flights.

Our Assistance Team will typically monitor your medical condition and offer support where needed until you are discharged from hospital and are able to return home.