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24 Hour Emergency Medical Assistance > Emergency Medical Assistance: Falling Ill on a Cruise

Emergency Medical Assistance: Falling Ill on a Cruise

24 Hour Emergency Medical Assistance

Cruise ships generally have a hospital or medical centre on board and this is where usually the best place to go for medical treatment or advice if you feel unwell whilst you are on a cruise.

If the medical team on board the ship deem it necessary the ship's doctor or captain can call a medical emergency and either divert to the nearest suitable port or organise an emergency disembarkation at sea. Usually the ship's medical team is responsible for organising your transfer to a suitable hospital on land.

Remember, travel Insurance is not Private Medical Insurance, in that it only covers unavoidable, unexpected emergency treatment. You are not covered for private medical treatment if there are medically capable public facilities available.

Once at a hospital or medical centre you, a travel companion or the medical staff would need to contact the Emergency Assistance Line as soon as possible to confirm that travel insurance cover is in place. You will need your policy number at this stage and a description of your condition.

Once travel insurance cover has been confirmed the Medical Assistance team will generally liaise directly with the hospital doctors about your treatment plan to ensure you get the most appropriate medical treatment.

The Assistance Team will monitor your condition closely until you are discharged from hospital and organise the most suitable form of transport to get you back to the UK. Depending on your medical condition this may be on a scheduled flight with a medical escort or by air ambulance.