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24 Hour Emergency Medical Assistance > Emergency Medical Assistance: Suspected Broken Arm

Emergency Medical Assistance: Suspected Broken Arm

24 Hour Emergency Medical Assistance

Typically, if you have had an accident and suspect that you have broken a bone, the first thing you would do is seek medical help by calling an ambulance or making your way to a local medical centre.

Remember, travel Insurance is not Private Medical Insurance, in that it only covers unavoidable, unexpected emergency treatment. You are not covered for private medical treatment if there are medically capable public facilities available.

Once at the medical centre you, a travel companion or the medical staff would need to contact the Emergency Assistance Line to confirm that travel insurance cover is in place. You will need your policy number at this stage and a description of your injury.

Once travel insurance cover has been confirmed the Medical Assistance Team will typically liaise directly with the hospital to discuss what treatment is necessary right away and, if further treatment or surgery is required, whether it should take place there or once you have returned to the UK.

For very minor injuries they may recommend that you pay the medical centre directly and then submit a claim on your return home.

If the medical treatment caused you to miss your flight home the Assistance Team will usually help you arrange alternative flight.