Our Medical Expenses Cover Explained

We know that travel insurance can sometimes seem complicated, which is why we're taking this opportunity to explain, our medical expenses cover, the most important part of our travel insurance.

Cover for emergency medical expenses whilst you are away is the most important section of any travel insurance policy as it takes away your risk of incurring large medical bills or being stranded in a foreign hospital if you fall ill abroad.

This article explains all about our medical travel insurance cover, including emergency medical expenses, repatriation and hospital benefit.

Declare your Pre-existing Medical Conditions

To ensure that you are properly covered by your travel insurance you need to declare any pre-existing medical conditions when you buy travel insurance.

A pre-existing medical condition is anything that you have been prescribed medication for or seen a doctor about within the last 2 years. This would include an illness you suffered from more than 2 years ago if you have seen a doctor or had a check-up or follow-up appointment within the last 2 years, as well as medical conditions which are controlled by medication e.g. high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

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Medical and Repatriation Expenses up to £10 Million

Medical and Repatriation Expenses is the most important part of the travel insurance cover we provide. It covers the cost of emergency medical treatment whilst you are away and repatriation back to the UK if you are not well enough to travel on your pre-arranged transport. Repatriation could be on an alternative scheduled flight, with a medical escort on a scheduled flight, or by air ambulance depending on what was deemed medically necessary.

24 Hour Emergency Medical Assistance

Our Medical and Repatriation cover includes access to our 24 Hour Medical Emergency Support team. Wherever you in the world they are just a phone call away and are waiting to help you. In the event that you need emergency medical treatment you must contact them as soon as possible, they will be able to authorise payment and liaise with local doctors to ensure that you receive the treatment you need quickly.

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Hospital Benefit - £25 per day

Hospital benefit is a fixed benefit that an insured person can claim if they are hospitalised for more than 24 hours during their holiday. It is designed to cover additional expenses that you may incur as a result of being in hospital, for example food, drink, newspapers and books.

Hospital Benefit is part of our package of Medical Expenses cover, but should not be confused with the total amount of cover we provide to cover the cost of emergency medical treatment abroad.

Our Hospital Benefit pays you a benefit of £25 for each 24 hour period that you are in hospital, up to a maximum of £1000.

Loss of Medication up to £300

We understand that many people need to take prescription medication with them when they travel which is why our travel insurance provides cover for the necessary and reasonable cost of replacing essential medication lost or stolen during your trip.

We strongly believe that providing cover for emergency medical treatment abroad is the most important thing we do, which is why we provide the same high level of Medical Expenses cover and 24 hour assistance service no matter which travel insurance policy you choose from Goodtogoinsurance.com.

Our Silver, Gold and Platinum travel insurance policies all provide cover for Medical Expenses and Repatriation up to £10 Million per person, including access to our 24 Hour Medical Emergency Assistance service.

We are also proud to be able to cover all types of medical conditions, up to a high level of severity.

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