Is your holiday protected? A quick guide

The level of financial protection you have in the event of one of your holiday suppliers becoming insolvent and being unable to fulfil their contract with you largely depends on how you booked your holiday.

If your holiday is not protected under the ATOL Protection scheme, another option is to protect your holiday with travel insurance which includes cover for Scheduled airline/End supplier failure.

The good news is that Scheduled Airline/End Supplier Failure is included on all travel insurance policies from

Use our quick check diagram to see whether your holiday is protected.

All travel insurance policies from provide cover for the following:

Scheduled Airline Failure Cover up to £1500:

If the insolvency occurs before departure:

Cover is provided for irrecoverable sums lost as a result of the insolvency or financial failure of a travel or accommodation supplier, with whom you had made a booking and paid in advance, for elements of your holiday which don't form part of a bonded holiday package.

If the insolvency occurs after departure:

Cover is provided for additional pro rata costs incurred in replacing that part of the travel arrangements to a similar standard to that originally booked or if curtailment of the holiday is unavoidable - the cost of return transportation to the United Kingdom to a similar standard to that originally booked.

Scheduled airline failure provides much more than just the insolvency of an airline, it provides cover for the insolvency or financial failure of:

Scheduled airlines, Hotels, Car ferries, Villa's abroad & cottages in the UK, Railway journeys, Coach journeys, Cruises not bonded, Car hire, Caravan sites / campsites / mobile homes, Camper rental, Safaris, Excursions, Theme parksScheduled Airline/End Supplier Failure is included on all travel insurance policies from

More about ATOL Protection:

ATOL Protection covers package holidays which include a flight and what is now termed a flight plus holiday, which is a flight plus accommodation or car hire, which have been booked through the same supplier.

If you have booked the elements of your holiday separately, from different suppliers your holiday will not be ATOL protected.

If you have booked your flight or holiday direct with an airline your holiday is unlikely to ATOL protected as scheduled airlines fall outside of the scope of the ATOL scheme.

In these instances you should check with your supplier whether they offer any form of financial protection or look for another way of protecting the money you have invested in your holiday, such as by your travel insurance.To find out full details about ATOL protection visit