Top 5 European summer holiday hotspots

With the summer holidays fast approaching you might be stuck for a holiday destination, check out our top 5 European holiday hotspots for some inspiration. Whether you're looking for total relaxation or a holiday to keep the kids entertained you can find it all here.

1. Spain

Spain receives over 50 million visitors each year, and is a favourite for British holidaymakers. If you are looking for a variety of beaches Spain is the place to go. If you want to avoid the crowds in the more popular tourist areas maybe pay the coastal areas towards Bilbao a visit where you'll find quieter beaches and restaurants. If you're visiting Spain in the summer months you'll be lucky enough to be a part of the many festivals that take place, many of which include local residents making giant paellas in the street, bull runs and night markets.

2. Greece

Greece is still a popular holiday destination with its picturesque islands and stunning beaches attracting many holidaymakers year after year. It boasts a fantastic range of accommodation which sees it becoming a destination for travellers who want a little added luxury on their holiday. For the more adventurous there is always a range of water sports available and for those that want more of a cultural experience the surrounding towns have lots to offer including museums, historic buildings and so many bars and restaurants that you'll be spoilt for choice. With the current economic situation in Greece holiday prices might go down meaning you get a great deal. However the possibility of strikes and demonstrations is quite high, check the FCO website for up to date travel advice before you book and before you leave.

3. France

France is a great destination if you don't want to travel too far- it's just a short flight away or a hop across the English Channel either by Ferry or through the Eurotunnel. France can offer you adventure, shopping, relaxation and great food. Each of its 22 regions has its own culture and places to see so it's well worth planning where you want to visit before you set off on your holiday. If you're looking to top up your tan the South of France is where you'll find the best beaches. However if a more cultural experience is on the cards, it would be worth visiting the Musee du Louvre-which is said to be the most visited museum in the world and of course the Eiffel Tower.

4. Turkey

Turkey is surrounded by sea on three sides and is covered in forests and mountains, its landscapes are dotted with battlegrounds, castles and palaces so you won't be short of places to see. If you are looking to unwind you could always visit the beach and let the warm waters of the Mediterranean coast help you to relax. A lively atmosphere can be found in the markets of Istanbul where you'll find numerous markets and bars along with great places to eat.

5. Croatia

If you're looking for a great coastline, a blend of cultures, unspoiled nature and value for money Croatia might be the ideal destination for you. Croatia is known by many as 'The Mediterranean as it used to be', with local markets, fresh produce and unspoiled beaches. It also boasts a fascinating history and cultural life, which can be found by visiting many of its castles and mountains. Croatia is one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe making it perfect for those of you looking to sail, sunbathe or even scuba dive as it has paradise of sea life just waiting to be explored.