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AllClear Travel

Goodtogoinsurance.com policies are no longer available via All Clear Travel

AllClear Travel are specialist insurance providers for customers with pre-existing medical conditions.  All Clear provide a website specifically for medical travel insurance, where they promote their own ‘All Clear Travel’ branded travel insurance products alongside a selection of other brands which they own.

AllClear Travel no longer offer 3rd party products such as Goodtogoinsurance.com on their website.

If you have previously purchased our travel insurance via All Clear Travel, don’t worry. Although you can no longer purchase at AllClear Travel, you can still purchase direct from us at Goodtogoinsurance.com.

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What to do if you have a goodtogoinsurance.com policy purchased from AllClear Travel

  • If you have one of our policies purchased from All Clear Travel, your policy is still valid and will remain so until the cover expires.
  • If you have a policy purchased via AllClear Travel and need to make a claim, please use the contact details which are included in your policy wording.
  • When the policy you purchased via All Clear Travel expires you can get a new policy direct from us by getting a travel insurance quote online or calling us on 0330 024 9949.

You can purchase the following travel insurance policies, which used to be available via AllClear Travel, direct from us online or by phone:

Silver policies, which provide cover for emergency medical expenses and repatriation only.  This product is suitable for those that want to keep the cost of insurance to a minimum, whilst still getting the full benefit of emergency medical expenses and repatriation cover (the most important element of a travel insurance policy). 

Classic, Gold and Platinum policies provide a full range of travel insurance benefits, with varying levels of cover to suit your holiday and your budget.  In addition to emergency medical expenses and repatriation, these policies also include, cancellation and curtailment, travel delay, missed departure and personal possessions.

Our Cruise Specific and Cruise Specific Plus policies could be suitable for you if you are going on a cruise holiday and are looking for additional cover and benefits including cabin confinement, cruise interruption, missed port departure and itinerary change.

Unfortunately, our Classic cover was exclusively available at All Clear Travel and now that AllClear Travel have stopped selling 3rd party insurance products, this level of cover is no longer available. 

We have worked alongside All Clear Travel since 2010, offering our products for sale on Allcleartravel.co.uk and on the phone via the AllClear Travel team.  Over the years AllClear Travel have sold many thousands of travel insurance policies on our behalf and all of those will be honoured.

Whether you purchased your goodtogoinsurance.com policy direct with us or from AllClear Travel you will receive exactly the same level of service if you need emergency medical support whilst you are abroad or need to make a claim when you return to the UK.  You will find all the details in your policy wording, which will have been sent to you by All Clear Travel or direct from us.

Looking for a travel insurance quotation now?

You can get an instant quotation on our website, or call us on 0330 024 9949 where our team will be happy to help you.