Visit Mauritius in October when the climate is at its best

Added 13/09/2010

Tropical beach

The climate on Mauritius in October is ideal. It’s a time of year when the island is pleasantly warm and dry. Temperatures vary between 20℃ and 26℃ — perfect for holidaymakers that don’t like it too hot. And October is a great time to travel abroad, when the kids are back at school and the weather at home is starting to turn dreary.

Mauritius is a tropical island off the southeast coast of Africa. As it’s in the southern hemisphere, their seasons are the opposite of ours, so it could be the perfect place to catch some winter sun. In October, the weather is just starting to get warmer.

Mauritius is nothing short of paradise, with white sand beaches, coral reefs and lush forests. Because Mauritius is such a beautiful island with crystal clear waters and stunning coastlines, it is the ideal place to enjoy the sea. Sailing is a popular pastime, and there are opportunities to hire boats or join sailing tours.

Clear waters and an abundance of marine life make Mauritius the ideal place to go diving. The Mauritius Scuba Diving Association ensures that dive trips are run safely by qualified instructors. Underwater creatures that you can expect to see include moray eels, turtles, dolphins, lion fish, clown fish and many more.

The Pamplemousses Gardens in the north of Mauritius is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, showcasing spectacular flora such as giant water lilies. Meanwhile, Black River Gorges National Park in the south west of the island offers plenty of hiking opportunities.

There are many luxurious resorts dotted all over the island enabling holidaymakers to have the ultimate, relaxing break in paradise. Some offer unique experiences such as opportunities to dine on secluded beaches or villas on stilts with private verandas overlooking the sea.

If you are going on holiday to Mauritius in October, make sure you buy comprehensive travel insurance in the event of lost luggage, travel delay or illness abroad. If you plan to take part in any activities such as diving or trekking, make sure your policy covers them. You may need to extend your travel insurance policy to include them.

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