Travel Insurance Coronavirus: Travel Insurance for Epidemics

Added 10/02/2020

Travel insurance for travel restrictions caused by epidemics such as coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak and resulting travel restrictions in China has highlighted how an epidemic can affect your ability to travel freely and leave an affected area when you want to. 

Our Epidemic or Pandemic Travel Restriction Cover extends your travel insurance policy to provide a benefit if, when you are abroad, you are prevented from leaving a country due to restrictions in travel caused by an epidemic or pandemic, such as coronavirus.

We will pay a benefit of £50 for every full 24-hour period that you are prevented from travelling, up to a maximum of £500, to help with the cost of additional accommodation and living expenses.

It is impossible to tell whether the current coronavirus outbreak will spread to epidemic levels in other countries outside of China, and what travel restrictions may be put in place.  

However, if coronavirus does cause travel restrictions in another country which prevent you from leaving as planned, our Epidemic and Pandemic Travel Restriction Cover could help cover your additional costs.

Epidemic and Pandemic Travel Restriction Cover can be added to any of our travel insurance policies.

Please note: Cover is not available if you have travelled to an area where the possibility of an epidemic or pandemic occurrence has already been announced or if you are travelling against the advice of the Foreign Office or World Health Organisation.